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Build and Thrive in Your New Practice

You already understand the value of coaching. Now let us coach you through the business of this life-giving field.

If you’re like most of us, you entered the field of life or career coaching through the halls of passion, talent, wisdom and desire. You’ve always been a natural at helping others; now you’ve gained the knowledge and professional insight it takes to truly transform lives as a certified coach in your own practice. How exciting! How you!

“But wait; there’s more!” as they say. And yes, they’re right. The more is the business end of your people- and passion-driven practice. It’s building a clientele; it’s marketing and promoting; it’s bookkeeping and administrative tasks; it’s finding and establishing your place in the market of people who need you. And at times, it’s overwhelming — especially in the beginning.

We know. We're here to help.

New and soon-to-be life coaches have a lot to manage, and they’re often flying solo. This can make it difficult to see the forest for the trees — or the flowers for the weeds, as we call it. For many, the key to rising more confidently, solidly and quickly in the field is engaging the help of a wise and experienced mentor who can offer both a bird’s-eye view and a set of detailed, tailored, winning plans through the journey. An ASG mentor coach comes with experience and high level mentoring skills.

ASG coach-to-coach mentors already know the roads, the bumps, the challenges and the desired destinations. Best of all, we have the maps and the tools to share. We’ve been where you want to be, and we can help you start or grow your business in the coaching industry, driving it to the next milestone from wherever you stand idling today. Whether it’s help with direction, developing a startup life coach business plan, finding your most appropriate and profitable coaching niche, or getting support for the “weeds” of your coaching business so you can emerge to share your own light and wisdom as intended, mile after mile, every step of the way, we’ll share the valuable insights, information and guidance you need for your most direct route to success. We will guide you on how to start a life coach business

Aim Set Go! That’s how we roll, and you’re why. Contact us today, and we’ll equip you from a variety of mentoring services, including:

Private Mentor Coaching

Our private, one-on-one mentor coaching sessions for new and soon-to-be life and career coaches offer a tailored plan and free resources for use within your own practice. Learn transformational coaching techniques, skills, tips and styles from an ASG coach. We can also help you find a niche or provide niche ideas. Benefits include professional-level guidance in marketing, acquiring new clients and much more. Sign-up for strategy session

Pricing: $49 for 30 minute Career Jump-Start Session OR $179 for Business Master Package (4) 30 minute sessions)

Life Coach Blog (Guest Blogging)

At Aim Set, we know that knowledge is power for our clients and exposure is power for our coaches. Why not be a leader in the win/win game of sharing expertise? If you're a coach and would like to blog for us, contact us today. Your insights will help others while showcasing you as an expert in your field. Your blog post will also include your bio, your contact information and a link back to your website. Contact us today to start blogging!

Pricing: Free

Life Coach Website

Check out our new and oh-so-timely service to new life coaches: We’ll build you a new coaching website, optimized to attract the clients you desire, on a schedule that suits your goals, using a five-page website template. You provide the content, and we’ll make it appealing and easy to navigate for prospective life coaching clients. Contact us today to get noticed among the pros.

Pricing: $199 for 5-page template website